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  • Team Rosso

    Shelby Rosso

    Showcase Your Home

    for Men and Women

    When selling your home, it’s important to remember that your interior and exterior need to visually attract male and female buyers. Read on to learn how to make your home universally appealing.

  • The Professional Home Stager

    Professional home stagers consult with homeowners on ways to sell their homes quickly and for the most money possible.


    Stagers consider buyer demographics, buying psychology, design elements and lighting. Don’t be afraid to let your stager know if their suggestions lean a little too far on the feminine side.

  • Space &


    Studies show men tend to gravitate towards rooms with gadgets, televisions and electronics.


    Open spaces and higher ceilings are also a draw because men appreciate having plenty of personal space.


    Try to create clean, streamlined rooms that men can easily walk through without obstructions.

  • Consider What He Wants to Do

    Men generally prefer homes that are not too fancy or frilly. Men don’t envision tea parties.


    He’s more likely to think about watching the big game with his buddies or relaxing in a comfortable space after work.

  • Simplify Your Color Scheme

    It’s important not to overwhelm potential buyers—men or women—with wild colors or furniture, even if you feel it makes your home “special.”


    Soft, neutral tones are generally perceived better by buyers than cool tones.

  • Tame

    Your Turf

    Showcasing a well-maintained lawn can really help boost your home’s appeal.


    Thick, healthy grass, minimal bushes to trim and easy-to-maintain garden beds will happily meet the male landscaping criteria.

  • Garage Envy

    Garages with painted walls, clean floors and enough storage for various male-oriented hobbies are sure to impress.


    A built-in workbench and organized shelving are enviable additions, as are clean, spacious areas for tools, sports equipment and maintenance supplies.

  • Team Rosso

    Shelby Rosso

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    Staging your home to visually appeal to men and women will ensure that your home is attractive to everyone.