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  • Spring is here and for those selling their home, there's nothing more beneficial than doing a great spring cleaning job. It will not only make your home look great, but it can get rid of clutter that could distract potential buyers.

    Here are five spring cleaning tips that will help you sell your home.

    1. Make sure to have a well-maintained lawn with all the leaves gone, grass mowed and hedges trimmed. Buy some colorful flowers and spread fresh mulch in flowerbeds. Fill in bare spots on your lawn with sod or seed. Clean gutters, wash the welcome mat and put away rakes or shovels.


    2. Clean windows bring more light into a room and allow buyers to see the view from their potential new home. Include sliding glass doors, garage windows and outside doors.


    3. Inspect rooms for holes in the wall, outlets missing a cover or loose, squeaky doorknobs. Check caulking around sinks, faucets and tubs, as well as grout in counters or bathtubs.


    4. Power wash driveway, walkway, siding and deck. They are easily rented from stores such as Lowes. Power washing removes layers and years of dirt and grime from stone, concrete porch, deck and fencing, including mildew stains from the winter.


    5. Go through closets and bag clothes that don't fit, are out-of-style or you don't wear anymore and donate them to charity. Take your old books, toys and knickknacks and hold a garage sale. A de-cluttered home is always more attractive to the homebuyer.

    Five Tips for Spring Cleaning.

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